How much room do I need?

For a bounce house you will need approximately a 16′ x 16′ space. For the combo units, a 15′ x 24′ size space should be plenty.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my bounce house delivery?

Yes. We ask that you do a few things before the arrival of your bounce house.

  • The area should be level, free of rocks, dirt, sand, sticks etc. and any in-ground sprinkler systems should be shut off and not protruding.
  • There should also not be any electrical or plumbing approximately 12″-18″ inches below the surface, so that we can properly secure the unit with our stakes. If you are unsure please contact Diggers Hotline to ensure the area is safe.
  • The unit must also be within 100 feet of a 20-amp outlet. We also ask that you please clean up the area in which the inflatable unit is to be placed.
  • Mow your lawn 2-3 days prior to delivery. Excess grass clippings could lead to a cleaning fee being charged.

Do the prices include setup and take down?

Yes, all of our prices include deliver, setup and take down and haul away.

Are your inflatables clean?

Yes! Cleanliness is part of safety! We clean our inflatable units after every use. We vacuum, spray and wipe/scrub using a high-quality, eco-friendly cleaner that is safe for kids.

Are there any rules that need to be followed during use?

Yes. To ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience we ask that you act responsibly and keep the following things in mind:

  • No food, drinks, liquids of any kind, sharp objects, pets.
  • All users should be wearing socks. No shoes or barefeet allowed.
  • Absolutely no silly string.
  • An attendant must be present at all times.

What kind of payment methods are accepted?

We accept cash, checks, credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

What is your weather policy?

In the event of adverse weather conditions (e.g. rain, high winds, etc.) we reserve the right to cancel your reservation prior to delivery. If conditions are not too severe we will give you the option of keeping the bounce house or canceling your rental. If you choose to cancel any deposit received will be refunded in full.

Can I cancel my reservation?

You can cancel your reservation and receive your full deposit back, if you cancel within 72 hours of your scheduled rental date/time.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. A deposit of $50 is required within 7 days of your rental date/time. A deposit can be made several ways:

  • Check
  • Credit Card (if you cancel within the allotted time, then your deposit will be refunded in full within 9-14 days)